Mega Man Anniversary Collection Graphics Rip

New Addition to the gallery this week. Please enjoy these assorted graphics from the PS2 version of ... Continue Reading »

Megas XLR - 08 - "Dude, Where's My Head?"


Jamie borrows Coop's car to impress a girl. Calamity ensues! Hey, it's a repeat! Yeah, suppo... Watch »


No More Anonymous Commenting, Other News

Let us address the dancing tutu-wearing giant wing-ed pink elephant in the room first: I was gone fo... Continue Reading »

Charetta: 5 YEAR5 LATER, 55 5HOT5, 5OLD OUT 5HOW*

thumbnail The first time I shot for Charetta was June 16, 2007. These shots were taken exactly 5 years later on June 16, 2012. COINCIDENCE? Well yeah... View Slideshow »

Killcode @ The Gramercy Theatre

thumbnail Here's the shots I took of Killcode at The Gramercy Theatre last Saturday. They opened for Charetta . They're pretty rockin'! ... View Slideshow »

Bootie: Pirate Ship Mashup Party

thumbnail Bootie on a boat! Confession: this was my first Bootie Mashup party. What better way to pop my cherry than on a boat? It was glorious! Like ... View Slideshow »

Letterist @ Cakeshop + Download "100MPH"

thumbnail Here's Letterist in their debut performance of 2012. The venue was Cakeshop on Ludlow street . I love the little tree lights that adorn ... View Slideshow »

Holi Festival 2012 Music Video


So yeah, the Holi Spring Festival of Colors. Arsen saw it in a movie once and was telling me about it. It's customary for celebrants to ... Watch »


Indecent Preposition (Tax Returns!)

So I got my refund from the government or whatever it's called. (Sad that I don't know. Tax check? Social Security check?) I was so... Continue Reading »

Cybertron Vs Stimulate — #NYAF #NYCC Afterparty

thumbnail A giant thank you to one Mr. Xris Smack. Dude really came through for me. Usually when I hit the Gramercy Theatre I shoot unencumbered. But ... View Slideshow »

#nytmSOS NYC #PIPA #SOPA Protest

thumbnail I took these photos yesterday at New York Tech Meetup group's #SOPA, #PIPA protest rally. I couldn't believe how many people showed ... View Slideshow »

Easy Splash Pages in Blogger Sans JavaScript or CSS

Remember splash pages? They were really popular in the 90s. These days, not so much. SEO freaks advise against them, and for good reason. Wh... Continue Reading »

Change Your Name Back After Connecting Blogger to Google+

Let's get one thing straight, Google Plus' "common name" policy is a misnomer. By forcing everyone to go by their birth n... Continue Reading »

Integrate Your Twitter Brand With Blogger's Share Button

Before I start the tutorial I wanted to give a heads up to all our RSS and e-mail subscribers. MY STADY is now available on Google+ , Face... Continue Reading »

Cybertron 9.9.11

thumbnail Cybertron: a monthly party brought to us by the twisted deviants at . Never been? ... View Slideshow »

Add Links to Blogger Page List Widget & Mobile Template

If you dislike Blogger's new interface as much as I do, chances are you overlooked the one thing... Continue Reading »

We've Published Our Blogger Template to GitHub!

I've discovered a lot of neat tricks when it comes to Blogger. Unfortunately I don't have ... Continue Reading »

Fanservice Friday AMV: Grenadier Vs. Equilibrium


We're doing things a little different this week. Instead of a clip you got a brand new AMV to wa... Watch »


Hulu Anime Tracker

If you're looking for free and legal anime I highly recommend Hulu. These days it's where I ... Continue Reading »

S.I.R. Listeners, Ahoy!

Today we advertised our website on Smodcast Internet Radio. To hear the ad go to the Plus One Per Diem page and download the episode for Fr... Continue Reading »