Template Revisions for September are on GitHub

I've published the latest version of our Blogger template to GitHub. You'll find detailed no... Continue Reading »

Skinotronic 1.7 (Now With Retina Support!)

Here it is, a new version of Skinotronic. This version supports more resolutions aaaaand positioning... Continue Reading »

The Weirdness is Spreading to Youtube


I have a Youtube channel now! I don’t know why I made this. In some ways it made itself... Enjoy? Watch »

Waku Waku +NYC 2015

thumbnail So, that happened. (Wait, did I intro with that before? Bleh, too lazy to check.) Waku Waku +NYC w... View Slideshow »

Mega Man Anniversary Collection Graphics Rip

New Addition to the gallery this week. Please enjoy these assorted graphics from the PS2 version of ... Continue Reading »

Megas XLR - 08 - "Dude, Where's My Head?"


Jamie borrows Coop's car to impress a girl. Calamity ensues! Hey, it's a repeat! Yeah, suppo... Watch »


No More Anonymous Commenting, Other News

Let us address the dancing tutu-wearing giant wing-ed pink elephant in the room first: I was gone fo... Continue Reading »

Charetta: 5 YEAR5 LATER, 55 5HOT5, 5OLD OUT 5HOW*

thumbnail The first time I shot for Charetta was June 16, 2007. These shots were taken exactly 5 years later on June 16, 2012. COINCIDENCE? Well yeah... View Slideshow »

Killcode @ The Gramercy Theatre

thumbnail Here's the shots I took of Killcode at The Gramercy Theatre last Saturday. They opened for Charetta . They're pretty rockin'! ... View Slideshow »

Bootie: Pirate Ship Mashup Party

thumbnail Bootie on a boat! Confession: this was my first Bootie Mashup party. What better way to pop my cherry than on a boat? It was glorious! Like ... View Slideshow »

Letterist @ Cakeshop + Download "100MPH"

thumbnail Here's Letterist in their debut performance of 2012. The venue was Cakeshop on Ludlow street . I love the little tree lights that adorn ... View Slideshow »

Holi Festival 2012 Music Video


So yeah, the Holi Spring Festival of Colors. Arsen saw it in a movie once and was telling me about it. It's customary for celebrants to ... Watch »


Indecent Preposition (Tax Returns!)

So I got my refund from the government or whatever it's called. (Sad that I don't know. Tax check? Social Security check?) I was so... Continue Reading »

Cybertron Vs Stimulate — #NYAF #NYCC Afterparty

thumbnail A giant thank you to one Mr. Xris Smack. Dude really came through for me. Usually when I hit the Gramercy Theatre I shoot unencumbered. But ... View Slideshow »

#nytmSOS NYC #PIPA #SOPA Protest

thumbnail I took these photos yesterday at New York Tech Meetup group's #SOPA, #PIPA protest rally. I couldn't believe how many people showed ... View Slideshow »

Easy Splash Pages in Blogger Sans JavaScript or CSS

Remember splash pages? They were really popular in the 90s. These days, not so much. SEO freaks advi... Continue Reading »

Change Your Name Back After Connecting Blogger to Google+

Let's get one thing straight, Google Plus' "common name" policy is a misnomer. By forcing everyone to go by their birth n... Continue Reading »

Integrate Your Twitter Brand With Blogger's Share Button

Before I start the tutorial I wanted to give a heads up to all our RSS and e-mail subscribers. MY STADY is now available on Google+ , Face... Continue Reading »

Cybertron 9.9.11

thumbnail Cybertron: a monthly party brought to us by the twisted deviants at . Never been? ... View Slideshow »

Add Links to Blogger Page List Widget & Mobile Template

If you dislike Blogger's new interface as much as I do, chances are you overlooked the one thing... Continue Reading »