SMack! Sex Mutants! Halloween '06 (w/crappy cell phone pictures!) pt1

Where do I start? Where the hell do I start? Okay, let's rewind a little. At first I was planning to attend QXT's Halloween Costume Party. Then at the last minute I went instead to SMack! Sex Mutants! Halloween '06. I actually didn't know about the latter until I went to New York Costumes and Xris SMack! was there handing out flyers. Well YOU saw they flyer, how could I not go? I realized that if I go to QXT's I'll probably have to wait until daybreak to get home. I might be wrong but I've never had to travel from NJ back to NY that early in the morning. Hell, I barely made it home this time. I kept falling asleep and almost missing my stops. You don't realize you're tired until that first STEP you take outside the club. Then it's like, "Oh my God. I didn't feel this drowsy a minute ago. Ain't that some shit?" Then it's a fight to stay awake. I didn't even take a cab home, I'm on a budget.

Haha! I had to walk home from the subway because the bus wouldn't be there for another hour. And it takes me 20 minutes to sleep-walk my way home. But by cab at that time of night it takes two minutes. TWO! I explained this to the cab waiting by the subway exit and told him I would pay two dollars. He said six. I gave him the finger and walked my tired ass home. I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to just spoon the homeless guy lying in the gutter and just pray I wake up before him the next morning. I was that tired! And desperate, apparantly. But I made it. And I woke up with a ringing in my ears that won't go away, a pain in my neck, waist and thighs and arms and memories I'll now share with you all.

Remember how I said I couldn't pull off Psycho Mantis before Halloween? That's still true. And it's also true that I'm going to try and get it to work by NY Comic Con '07. Actually, if you look at the date (Jan 28) that might be cutting it close for me. I'll make it work. OR SUICIDE TRYING! So that means I had to go as something else. I decided to go as a... well, I didn't really name this costume. But it had devil horns! What else do you need? My other costume would have been an eyepatch and a shirt that says PIRATE on it written in white on black. They sell that at New York Costumes. Really. I bet some of you already wish you had that costume to wear to work on Tuesday.

But I actually WANTED to dress up and celebrate. I wore in costume on my way there. I got a lot of looks. A LOT of looks. I don't think you get it. You need a visual aid.

[Notice the suction cups on the horns? They wouldn't stick very well to my skin. A comprimise!]

For something captured on my camera phone that wasn't too bad. Every now and then I had to take off the mask because it would fog up. I learned tonight that it's best to wear the mask in warm climates. Condensation's a bitch. Yeah, this costume was last minute but I got compliments on it so that rocks. My idea was also to have glow in the dark stuff on the tops of my hands but it didn't work out as well as I liked. They sell this glow in the dark cream but once it's absored into your skin it doesn't glow. BULLSHIT! I also had an idea to put duct tape on my mouth but I didn't have any of that bondage tape handy. Bondage tape only sticks to itself, never your skin. I think it only comes in black though.

I actually got there on time, a first for me. AND MAYBE MY LAST! I get there @10 and the bouncers tell me to come back after half an hour. So I leave and come back ten minutes later. (What else am I going to do at ten at night? The Canal Street vendors had all gone home!) I went to a nearby convenience store and pretended like I was really interested in buying something. Whatever. When I came back there were some people waiting so I decided to wait in line with them. AN HOUR LATER WE WERE LET INSIDE. We were told the delay was due to sound issues with the bottom floor. I guess.

Now here's the part where I'm just going to say shit that happened but not necessarilly in the ORDER that it happened. And before I do that I'm going to make myself some dinner and then eat it, then do some dishes. Yeah it's 11 at night but to me it feels like lunch time. So glad I get an extra hour. You've heard of jet lag? Well this is party lag. I just made that up. It's nice though, right? Party lag? You like that?

To be finished...

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