Some Nature Photography

Went out for a nice Sunday walk, yesterday. Figured I'd bring the camera along. It really shines when taking photos outdoors. I'm going to be doing a LOT of outdoor shooting come sunnier weather. These photos are on my flicker account and you should click on them for larger sizes. The flickr acct is also what I've been using for my moblog.

To see the photos in proper size click on all sizes or download it. 800 of course is not the widest but that's as large as I'm willing to upload.

I think they're poisonous. And looking at it now I should have chosen a cluster not so dried out.


Man, I'm not sure if I like this angle. It's all about this bird's ass. And it flkew away before I could get more shots.

That's it from my walk. The last two were taken at my grandparents house. So many nice things in that house.


I guess they put green food coloring in the water. It was around St. Patricks day after all. I can't think of any flowers with green petals like that. But what do I know?

I think next time I go for a walk I'll take my tripod with me for some HDR photos.

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