Oh! More photos. (AKA Squirrel Paparazzi!)

Today I challenged myself by not taking photos with optimal light. Nowadays photography is inclusive of what you can do in post processing. It's no different than working in Avid after shooting a film. The objective is to make it so we like looking at the end result. Last week I had excellent light. This week was cloudy.

First off, a DECENT bird picture. You can see it's face!

Aww yeah. Little soft focus on some rawks!

Did some post processing on this one too.

Adjusted brightness. This was actually a really mangy squirrel. This shot hides a lot of that, thank God. Who wants to look at an ugly squirrel with patchy fur? I didn't even realize it until I viewed the photos on PC. In some ways shooting in digital means you're shooting blind. My Xacti ONLY has an LCD viewfinder. I'll have to adjust to it and hopefully I'll spot problems like that better in the future. My biggest problem with LCDs is that images look focused when they aren't.

Take down your damn lights already!

I missed so many great shots just because these squirrels kept running away from me. I should set up a camera and just use my remote to shoot when critters come into frame. It's not like I'm using flash or anything. Frankly, I try to avoid flash as much as possible. Especially against a solid background. It always leaves that spot there. I hate that spot!

A squirrel ass to match the bird ass from last week?

Hahaha! I'm the squirrel paparazzi! Run away, bitch!

Made this one a little darker. I wanted to have a two tone look but retain the highlights.

I also took some other shots of little things in macro mode but they didn't turn out very well. Again, on the LCD it LOOKS focused but when I saw them on the monitor they were very not. I think if I had more sunlight they would have turned out better. And sharpening those pics just makes them grainy. TOO grainy.

Next week: Cosplayers from NYCC

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