Maybe It's Sleeping

Warning: this video contains a dead squirrel. I promise it won't be creepy or disgusting. I don't do shock humor. I was walking home when I spotted the poor guy in the street. I had my video camera with me and recorded the following.

As you can see in the video I wanted to give 'im a proper burial. And I certainly didn't want him getting run over. So after shooting that footage I reinforced the chalk outline then raced upstairs to get a box to bury him in. When I returned the squirrel had vanished. I was only gone for three minutes. There was no trace of the squirrel, no gory mess or anything. I really really really hope nothing sinister happened to the dead squirrel. People in my neighborhood are cool. I'd like to think someone else found him in that short time and carried him out of the street.

Cause of Death?

I'd like to think the little guy died of natural causes. Maybe it was the heat? I don't think the nut I found was related. The body wasn't damaged aside from the normal scrapes and bruises you typically see on a squirrel. There were no trees in his proximity so I don't think he fell. Poor thing. *sigh* I think it was just his time to go.

I'll be honest, I feel a little guilty. I should have asked someone to watch him when I went upstairs. But I drew that chalk outline so that he didn't blend into the pavement with his grey fur. (I reinforced the outline after shooting the video.) Cars and pedestrians were sure to avoid him with the increased visibility.

Well, that squirrel lives on through the Internet now.

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