Fortune Cookie Fortunes / Grandmother

Fortune 01
I'm still waiting on that one. (Oh, self deprecation!)

fortune 02
I could have written that myself.

fortune 03
WHAAAAAAAT? I swear to Christ this isn't a fake. I have witnesses! Loren and Luke were there when I got this thing. It's the most fucked up fortune cookie I've ever gotten in my life. What, am I not worthy of a fortune? Assholes! I attempted suicide that day. No I didn't. I just love joking about suicide. What's wrong with me?

My grandparents stopped by in April and I snapped a few photos of my grandmother.




I don't remember if I had her pose for this or not. I mostly do candids. I like it though. she looks serious, doesn't she?

I wonder what's on her mind.


My grandmother's hands. So wrinkled! Ladies I hate to tell you this but the only way to avoid wrinkles is to use sun screen. You can't get rid of wrinkles once they're there. And what's the alternative? Surgery that leaves you looking perpetually surprised? Forget it. I'll never get cosmetic surgery. I look forward to grey hairs, actually.

When I told my grandmother I was photographing her wrinkles she just chuckled. I just liked how it looks.


Okay, not all the pictures have to be serious.

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