Alright Andy Rooney, We Get It: You Never Throw Anything Away

On my DVR I have it setup to record Sixty Minutes and every week I kind of look forward to Andy's little rants. This past Sunday he was going on about all these papers he has in his office that he never throws away. Before that it was watches he's never thrown away. Before that boxes. And before THAT it was pens!

Andy, your neurosis was interesting in the beginning but this song and dance is getting old. Second verse, same as the first? Talk about something new, man. I don't care anymore about your compulsive hoarding. And while the other old people watching probably don't notice this repetition, us younger fans do. You're better than this!

If you don't watch Sixty-Mizzle you can listen to last week's commentary. Hmm, I would add his podcast to my MP3 player if it wasn't for the fact that I tune in to watch the show as a whole. And there IS a visual element.

That's it I guess. How 'bout I end this abruptly?

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