So here's my favorite blog on MySpace. I'll wager you'll like it too.

THUMBS DOWN COMICS. After an excruciating hiatus the genius behind this thing has updated and I can once again hear the sound of my own laughter. If you like your humoUr random and fucking up, (and most importantly, FUNNY, go read his shit and subscribe. I'm not even kidding here. I am very serious when it comes to what I find funny.

Before anyone gets there feelings hurt, yes, I find other blogs funny. But those blogs aren't hurting for readership. THIS GUY barely gets comments. That's fucking insane. So go read his shit. READ ALL OF IT. And then know the torture of waiting for him to update.

You guys rarely comment on my shit but I figure it's because I don't really have topics that spark any type of debate. From what I've seen most photo blogs don't get many comments.

But would you rather I posted poetry about my tortured soul? Maybe tomorrow. Hehehe.

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