Even MOAR Otakon 2007 Photos - Mostly Dudes Today

As always, you know where to find more.

Choji Akimichi
This dude was a trip.

Jubilee, Gambit, Psylocke, Rogue
Sometimes when I see something it triggers music cues in my head. Right now the theme to the animated series is playing.

Prince Zuko, Katara
This show comes back September 21st. Are you ready?

Kid Muscle / Kinnikuman
I was quite entertained when Fox was airing this show.

Phoenix Wright, Edgeworth
Right now I'm playing the first game and at first I hated the save system. That was until I figured out how to exploit it. Otherwise I'd have to start over at the chapters every time.

Sailor or Pirate
The nice thing about these auto-generated flickr codes is that clicking a photo opens a new window. And of course, you can have your browser set up to treat new windows as new tabs. Like I have! *pushes up imaginary nerd goggles*

Uh... I might not be home tomorrow to post more. So come back Friday. Maybe. We'll see.

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