Otokon 2007? I was there, dude!

More on the flickr page, etc.

Princess Ai (1/2)
Would you believe this outfit has something to do with Courtney Love?

So cute!!!

Tidus, Rikku
Many FinFan cosplayers in attendance.

Falco Lombardi
No barrel rolls here.

Felicia is black. This has nothing to do with the cosplayers. I'm just saying, story wise, she's black. Stop trying to tell me she isn't!

Rangiku Matsumoto (3/4)
I met Sierra while I was still working at Best Buy. There's an entry on my MySpace blog about her somewhere. I forgot what category it's under.

Yep, I still have more photos. I rather do it this way because had I put ALL the pictures in one blog entry that would be insane. Who wants to scroll through all that? This way it's more intimate and I can tell a story about everyone. That's IF I have a story to tell.

I thought I would be done by now but I got distracted last weekend by Pam's birthday party and some other shit. And I'm not complaining, Pam! I had a really good time! Monday was something else. And it sucks because I had to miss another Charetta performance. because of it. I feel like shit because of that.:(

Well, there will be other performances.

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