Wait, this guy STILL has Otakon Pictures?

(Well, apparently. More here, etc.)

This one's really good.

Sierra thought this girl was cute so I took her photo. I'm sure it's now her wallpaper.

'Sup /b/.

Gothic Lolita
All I'm going to say is I can't wait to go to Japan. I'm not saying they're consistently stylish, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

NegaDuck, Darkwaing Duck
At the time I didn't notice how dark this was. Easily fixed with computers.

Outside the Convention
Yeah, I probably went overboard with the flickr notes on this one.

PictoChat @ Otakon 2007
The next gathering you attend, bring your NDS. You WILL have people to chat with. I can only imagine how it was for Comicon attendees. And if the chat rooms are full, go into download play! Download Play at a convention is like a free arcade. It's pretty incredible.

Hentai for Sale
No comment.

Cutey Honey
Once you've seen the henshin sequence in New Cutey Honey it's hard to forget it. It's toward the end of the movie and it's pretty incredible.

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