Boulevard of Broken Teeth (Days Two ’n’ Three)

I'm going to rush through this. You're going to be able to tell I rushed through it but they keep me really busy at that new job! And I keep me plenty busy on the weekends.

Day 2

On day two I found out how terrible the macro mode is.

Motorola Q
I've seen better!

You have to REALLY get in close for the macro shooting. Which, I guess is to be expected, what with only a 3X zoom. That day I also went to the super market and saw the Trix rabbit looking all 7:30.


He looks like he's tripping balls. He's all in love with the colors and shit. Someone get him a Poland Spring before he passes out. All he's missing is glow sticks and a pacifier. The guy is raving in a pit of cereal. I was one of those kids that wrote for him to get the Trix. I don't remember how old I was but I think Ghostbusters was still on the air.

Day 3

View from the post.
Part of my job involves dropping of the mail. And when the box gets too full I have to go to the central post office, which lucky for me is only a block away. This shot is from the steps.

Color mode
Luis and Delilah invited me to watch a friend of theirs play. I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and pick up tickets to Demonatrix along the way. Of the four ticket holders listed on the website I went to two and NONE of them had tickets. I was told @ Purple Passion that Xris SMack's street teem probably hadn't dropped them off yet. I'll pester Damiana about this because she knows the guy. Oh yeah, that's a special color mode the camera has. You can choose any color you want and promote it over the others. No external programs required.

Random Lady Riding Donald
So I get to the Cake Shop before Luis and Delilah but the show hasn't started because there aren't enough people yet. We go to a nearby pizza place for a bit so they can watch me eat. On our way back I see this girl riding Donald so I had to get a photo. You understand.

Random Band
Hmm. The a640 definitely takes better photos under these conditions. I was a little disappointed to see these results but if I had a choice between no photos or these photos I'd go with these. Perhaps I just need more practice with this camera.

It was difficult to get everyone in the shot because they were all standing in random places. Oh hey, why does the bass player have his back to the audience? Stage fright?

A photo doesn't do these asshole justice. Stay tuned for a video. No, I haven't forgotten the go-go dancer video I said I would post. Worth the wait!

I Shirt I like!
We never got to see Delilah's friend play because the show started late and we had work the next day. Listen, I NEED my sleep these days. I'm doing REAL work at that job! So we left and looked for somewhere to eat before heading home for queens. We stopped by another pizza place so I could watch Luis and Delilah eat. Some guy passed by outside and his shirt made me laugh. SHIRTS LIKE THIS NEVER MAKE ME LAUGH. The rest of the story lies before you.

I'm going to bed now, it's 2:06AM.

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