The future’s so bright, it’s giving us cancer! (Day Four)

Yeah, you saw this one already.

Two Clubs
Hey jerk, those things don't work anymore. In fact your car might get jacked to prove a point!

ParkSo there's this miserable looking playground thing in my neighborhood. It wasn't always like that. I used to hang out here on Wednesdays after school. This is when I was still going to St. Nicholas and Jennifer still lived in the building. It was sweet because Wednesday was a half day so we had a nice two hours to just chill. We didn't actually play, we just loitered on the swings and bitched about school and whatever. There used to be swings.

ParkThis place now officially sucks. Children no longer play here. The only activity I ever see is only ladies sitting and chatting. And even they don't do it as often. Here we have a beautiful fucking day and no one's here.

Parking LotOh by the way, some time ago they leveled the playing field and rebuilt the bigger portion of it as a parking lot. Which, hey great, people can park. But, they might as well have turned the entire thing into a parking lot because there's not enough room for the lil' children's to run free and play. Also, the gate wasn't that high before. It used to be waist level. That gate is like a fuck you to any kid that walks by. But it's private property, I get it.

ParkAnd hey, let's chat about what they chose to put in there! They replaced the swings with a slide? A FUCKING SLIDE? Slides are bullshit! Slides are great going down but then you have to climb back up there and do it again. At least with a swing you can just sit on your ass and relax. And look how much space that monstrosity occupies! Ugh, ugh, triple ugh.

Adult Supervision Required
Yeah, no problem. What with no kids around to be supervised.


Well, that was day four. These days are non-consecutive and I already know I'll be keeping the camera. I like it and it makes it easy for me to take photos whenever and wherever I want. That last shot just goes to show you that you don't need an expensive camera to get the shot. I only shot it once and look how well it came out! The color and clarity are on point. I made it my wallpaper.

Though, it has it's cons. I would kill for a manual mode and raw shooting. But that's the price of convenience I suppose.

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