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I baby sit my laundry because I don't want my expensive underwear stolen.

The Letterist show was great. We hanged out after and did stuff. I won't go into detail; I'm saving that for later. Exhibits A through Z to follow soon. I was the sober one, I remembered EVERYTHING.

I didn't post yesterday 'cuz I w'am (were am--I made it up) pissed. I was supposed to be taking an assessment test for the CUNY ACE program (ACE = Adults Continuing Education / CUNY = Cute Unicorns Never Yell) but due to the laziness of the head bitch in charge that test was never scheduled. I'm on for Monday and we'll try this again I suppose.

I just feel bad for people that would have given up or looked at this and say, "I guess I'm not SUPPOSED to go back to college. The world hates me. BAWWWWW." So lazy. I would explain it but you would skip over that paragraph anyway. And I don't have time to write it. I have to go to work!


Amanda's cool. We cool Amanda? Yeah, we cool. Saw her at Otakon and took this photo--with my feet. But seriously, I have a bigger writeup on the photo page (click the photo), and even a link to her MySpace. Or you could just click here.

If I find out you're sending her "I'm bored, let's fuck." messages I'm telling my Tommy on you. You're not bored, you're BORING!

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