Letterist Performing Tonight @ The Delancey / NYAF and Otakon Info

I will be there tonight and up to no good. Come and join us, don't be shy.

In the last blog entry (A quick photo before I love for work) MySpace User "U Fucking Want It" (her Christian name, I'm sure) guessed (or Googled) correctly that it was indeed my Ritalins (not a typo) in the picture. Last I remember you were a blond. You look good as a brunette. I likes brunettes and I likes bangs. So, congratulations to you, you won this paragraph!

I could go into why I'm currently on Ritalin but anyone that's been around me long enough probably has their own fun little theory. Don't worry, I'm still the same guy, only I'm a lot more productive now. Moving on.

Over the weekend I attended the New York Anime Festival. It was an interesting experience and I feel it grew me as a photographer. The photos aren't ready yet. Right now I'm backing up the photo partition on my hard drive. I took about 4 gigs of pictures. Yeah, I haven't even looked at them all, there's so many. In the meantime I'll be posting some other photos.

I have a few pictures left from Otakon I haven't released yet. I think what I tried to do at Otakon was too ambitious and should have probably been attempted a different way. I was collecting names and e-mails and then asking them permission to put them online with their names and a link to their website, etc. The problem with that is towards the end I kind stopped following up so there are some photos you haven't seen yet. (See why I'm on Ritalin?)

This week I WILL be posting the rest of the photos. I think it could have worked if I planned for it at all. I got the idea (to collect info) in the fucking cab ride the day of con! (I play slave to my sudden and frequent impulses.) The idea could work, I haven't given up on it. But maybe it's not the thing to do at Otakon, or not the way I was doing it.

You ever see those big glossy street fashion photo books where they have small interviews or tell you who the subject is or whatever? That's what I was aiming for. I just wanted to give a little recognition. I think it's more interesting than looking through a gallery or random people. Everybody has a story to tell.

This year I kept it simple and only took pictures. I gave everyone my card and soon enough they'll be able to see their photos. I haven't given up on the idea, I just need more time to develop it.

When the backup is complete I'll upload the NYAF pictures. This time I shot RAW+JPG. All the JPG's will be available first and for problem photos I'll see what I can do with the RAWs. And unlike Otakon all the photos will be available online at once. No more of that trickle of photos; that was a mistake.

Any questions?

Grabbed by a Ghoulie
I liked her shirt.

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