Happy New Year! / Botanical AIDS

Before I get into photos I just want to wish all a Happy New Year. Okay, enough of that.

Last night was the NYE-XXXTravaganza. I'll be FAST-TRACKING (I stole that lingo from the door bouncer), those photos up–Are you fucking kidding me? I still have whipped cream on me? It's on my ear? Ugh, it's all crusted. I feel like that guy from that movie. Okay, let's look in the mirror. Oh my God it's worse than I imagined. I guess my hat hid most of it. Or maybe it dried up overnight. I hope no one noticed. That, combined with the other whipped cream stains on my clothes... lol semen

Uh, so anyway, expect those photos to be up in the next 48 hours.


I used to have these things (I don't know what breed of flower it is, okay?), growing in corner across the street from my building. Then suddenly they were gone and I was pissed! (Great story, asshole.) So I'm thinking of replanting them in the summer. Can someone tell me what these things are.


I'd also like to grow these things if you could help me identify them. I don't know shit about plants but I'd like to at least TRY. Of course, in one of the photos (this one) you can see there were already dying when I took the photos. They seem to have contracted some sort of BOTANICAL AIDS. Y'know, (that's the ugliest contraction EVER. Never use it again. In fact, why can't you just delete it? [SHUT UP! STOP INTERRUPTING ME!] !!!) I see dogs pissing in that area regularly. And when it gets windy those flowers will be right in the line of fire. And I don't even live there, I might have to get permission to plant them.

I guess it was a dumb idea.

My nature gallery on flickr.

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