I can please others but never myself.

Look at these fucking pictures. I hate them! But less than 24 hours ago I thought they were okay. Maybe it's a chemical imbalance or something, but when I look at the photos I take I'm never happy with them. I keep striving for perfection.

Please, if you value the little sanity I have left, tell me the TRUTH. Am I an okay/satisfactory photographer, or not? Because in my own mind I feel I'm pretty fucking amateur at this shit.


And I swear to God I'm not fishing for compliments. If you can't think of a way to nicely tell me I suck then just don't respond. Or, you don't have to be nice about it at all. If you don't want to respond then don't. No pressure! I can take the heat though, believe me. I mean, I give myself shit about this ALL THE TIME.

It's just a pattern I've recently grown aware of. Self-awareness is great but it doesn't fix anything. I mean, really, how can a guy be happy with his photos one moment and then hate them the next?

For the record, almost all the pictures I've shared I think could have turned out better. I'll look at them and think, "FUCK! I could have taken a better shot! I WASTED AN OPPORTUNITY! I SUCK!"


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