Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

Makes me laugh every time.

The cartoon above succinctly illustrates the reason behind my never telling people about, nor making any effort, to celebrate my birthday. When I was in grade school I invited my classmates over to "Party at my place!" It was only a bitter handful showed up at my doorstep. It was very obvious that I had planned for a bigger turnout. It was depressing. The memory of it is enough to make me want to slit my wrists—the proper way! Well, so goes the saying, "Once bitten, twice shy." It was from then on that I chose never to risk a low turnout ever again. And it's only now as I write this that I finally admit to this behavior.

I suppose it's time I shed that old insecurity. I'm better than that. I have a fuckton of friends, too! And conversely, not as many enemies. I'm talking about flesh and blood actual human beings here! For my next birthday, something is definitely going down. And you're all invited! Though, you might have to wait a while, my birthday was yesterday.
In case you didn't know today is Ash Wednesday. A game I like to play is to count how long I can keep from laughing when I see someone I know wearing them. I also like to approximate the ash smearing method of the person that did it to them. Some people get massive ash marks on their foreheads, yet with others one can barely tell. You know, you can read my synopsis of Ash Wednesday from last year. I probably wrote the same fucking shit. By the way, it appears Google changed their logo to reflect the Christian holiday.

Google Ash Wednesday Logo

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