This was my first time color correcting a photo and I think I did okay. [NYAF]

Nevermind why I’m still awake at this hour, just humor me and look and this:

Gothic Lolita Fashion

Gothic Lolita (EDITED)

Here’s the story behind this. I was at NYAF and complaining--as I am wont to do--about the lighting. BASIIK suggested I adjust the light mode on my camera. I wasn’t about to ignore her. I mean after-all her photos look great! But she also has one of those heavy duty digital SLR things. Her camera might be better at it than mine. All I know is I ended up with a lot of pictures that looked cold. I don’t blame you BASIIK, I was going to learn that lesson sooner or later. That’s the thing, everything I know about photography I’ve learned by making mistakes. Regular readers of this blog (all six of you) have probably figured that out by now.

I won’t go into the details of how I did it (hi, Google), but sufficed to say I’m happy with the result. I’m sure it could be better but for a first effort I think I did okay. Though, I don’t plan to toil in Lightroom playing with levels for hours on end. I rather work on my shooting and not have to correct it later.

BUT! I will be fixing a few other NYAF photos because they’re totally worth it. They look really good and like to be able to print them out and display them.

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