Bubble Battle After Party

Here's the footage I shot from the Bubble Battle NYC after party. The party was a blast and the chiptune was an aural delight. I really dig the people at loft parties. That layer of pretension gets checked at the door. Everyone's chill, it's just a gathering of really together cats. I can't think of a single asshole from that party. I danced almost the entire time. When I wasn't dancing I was tits deep in heavy conversation about God-knows-what. I made friends that night. The Wonderland Collective ordered breakfast in the morning and I left around noon. This party ended well after question mark. I slept the entire next day.

Bubble Battle NYC After Party @ Wonderland Collective

This video may or may not contain the following performers:

List copied from Jason Eppink's LiveJournal. The "may or may not" part stems from the fact that I only recorded four performers, one of whom is obviously Bubblyfish. I didn't put her name in the video since I'm not so sure which guys I taped. I thought it would look odd if I credited her and nobody else. I tend not to plan these things in advance. I took only my pocket camera with me because I was just there to chill.

I tried to get a photo of Lori and Kevin together (they run newmindspace.com) but they left the party early. Lori had flown in from Canada the night before and if I remember correctly she was going on 48 hours without sleep. Hardcore! But I could be wrong -- this is how rumors get started! I didn't take many photos of the performers; I was too busy body movin' to their squelches and bleeps. I'm surprised I didn't dislocate something. Good show, the lot of you.

I usually aim for pin sharp photos but with this camera it really couldn't be helped. As you hear in the video I left the better model at home. I didn't want to be weighed down with a heavy kit. These pictures may be blurry but they have a charm all their own. I like them!

More photos: Bubble Battle NYC After Party @ Wonderland Collective

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