Kissy Kamikaze @ Crash Mansion 8.8.8

With songs like "New York City Girl" and "Fuck L.A." there will always be a place for Kissy Kamikaze on my MP3 player—and my heart. They are four New York fanatics: Andy Shaw on bass, Miss Carrie on drums, Suzy Hotrod on guitar and Tibbie X pilots the head. She's also their lead vocalist. Andy Shaw runs the Shaw Promotion mailing list and that's where I read about his band. I never know for certain how I'm going to plan my week until I get that e-mail blast on Tuesdays. The least I could do to show my gratitude was come to a live performance. I wasn't disappointed!

I found it a challenge to hold my camera still with their catchy music all up in my ear canal and whatnot. I had to resist the urge to dance; I tapped my foot as a compromise. I enjoyed their shit is what I'm trying to convey. They looked like they were enjoying it too. When I go see a performance I can't have a good time unless I can tell the performers are having fun. The crowd needs to feed off their energy so that they could feed off the crowd and together create a FEEDBACK LOOP OF AWESOME. That was either very brilliant or very dumb, what I just said.

This all went down at Crash Mansion—a very nice venue. I encourage other bands to scout the location for their own gigs. The acoustics are great and there's a lot of room to hang out and do whatever. Getting there is easy; there are multiple points of entry if you ride the subway. The staff was personable and just the right level of flirty.

Even better, on my way over I passed by New Museum. I keep forgetting about that place somehow. I might go there this coming Saturday.

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youtube: Kissy Kamikaze - Fuck L.A.

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Miss Carrie - #
August 11, 2008 at 9:20 AM
Damn, your photos are really fantastic!! Thanks so much for posting them, and for coming to our show.

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