L Magazine 2008 Nightlife Award Winners Revealed

New York's own L Magazine posted their second annual Nightlife Awards this week. I encourage all of you to check it out, it's an excellent read. If you spend you evenings indoors take this opportunity to start going out! The ballot was cast by regular party goers such as myself so have confidence in the results. Keep in mind this was an open ballot so you will also want to investigate the nominees. It took me about an hour to fill out that ballot, the categories were ridiculous. Don't let my time go to waste, wallflower!

Promoter: Andy Shaw
Grats to Andy for winning two years in a row as promoter of the year. Good luck to anybody trying to dispute this: many of the awards and nominees show up on his weekly mailing list. Though honestly, I think anyone that made the list, whether they're a nominee or a winner, should feel honored. I'll say it again: it was an open ballot. If you aren't signed up already, you should: Shaw Promotion

Nightlife Photographer: Jess — indierotica.com
Good Lord is your shit ever incriminating! INDIEROTICA

Go Go Dancer and Burlesque Performer: Amber Star
Go Go Dancing isn't easy. I have a lot of respect for Amber after seeing her gyrate for hours on end. What I mean is, it might not be a conventional job but she's putting in her hours just like everybody else. Amber Star

BYTE was still around at time of voting but that is no longer the case. BYTE parties are now promoted under the name Com[mutiny]. The BYTE profile on Vampirefreaks.com sheds little light on the situation: BYTENYC at Vampirefreaks .com

the rest: The 2008 NIGHTLIFE AWARDS

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