Detroit Metal City 01

Unbeknownst to his friends and relatives Soichi Negishi is the lead vocalist for the highly controversial death metal band Detroit Metal City. Wearing makeup and a wig Negishi assumes the role of Krauser II and sings songs about patricide, murder and rape. Negishi would rather be in a trendy Swedish pop band but unfortunately for him he's better at death metal. Did I mention he also writes the songs for DMC? Comedy ensues when Negishi's onstage and offstage personalities clash.

This show stands out amongst its peers thanks to it's unique visual style. I haven't read the manga but I'm going to assume this show is a literal, panel-for-panel translation of the source material. Instead of seeing the action play out full frame like you might see on other manga adaptations, you'll see a lot of pillarboxing and letterboxing. It sounds terrible on paper but works! I've seen something similar attempted before but the results weren't as interesting to watch. There's something different about this show. Whatever it is, it doesn't hurt that Studio 4°C worked on the animation.

Actually I just remembered The Maxx kind of did this and it was awesome. But I was thinking of manga adaptations before, not American comics.

1. PV / 2. Sick Murderer

Soichi Negishi tries to take the band in another direction.

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