The World Ends With You Cosplay

Yesterday we had a blast at our pretty large AT/VK meetup and Alain happened to mention this so I decided to go ahead and post. The funny thing is Alain said, "The world is not enough" when he mentioned the pictures. Shortly after he realized his mistake and we laughed it off, damn you James Bond. Damn you.

Well today we have a beautiful update, with unbelievably gorgeous girls cosplaying The World Ends With You. All I have to say is wow. Without further delay, and with utmost expedience we give you:
I can never tell but one of the twins posing, with a bastard in the background.

Wait... who is that in the background?!?! Could it be? Could it be the man who was there to witness this world event? Yes, yes I know I kinda ruined this shot, but don't worry if you click the picture there's enough pics without me in them =D

We once again want to apologize for the delay and will release more pictures soon. There is a few updates to come so please stay tuned.

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