Go-Go Dancers Jessica & David Kouture @ NYE-XXX 2008


David Kouture is a fine male specimen but looking back on all the male go-go's I've shot so far I don't think I cracked the code yet. Compare his shots with Jessica's and you'll see what I'm getting at. Her shots are a more striking, dramatic. David is just there in my shots. That's not his fault, it's mine. I'm not saying they're bad shots; I'm saying better shots could have been taken! Capturing the male form is something I admittedly need to work on—and plan to.

Go-Go's pose a challenge because they're usually performing above eye-level. Not everything looks right when shot from that angle. It's almost the same angle they used on—go go—Power Rangers when they wanted to simulate villains growing to gigantic proportions.

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Here's some photography tips for no reason at all.

Photog Tip #1: The Display Will Lie to You

The display of your camera is absolutely misleading; never trust the bastard thing! Some shots might look terrible on the display yet great on the computer. Even worse, shots that look great on the display could potentially have many flaws in them when viewed from your computer. It's for this reason that I bracket my shots whenever possible.

Photog Tip #2: Never Delete On Location

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Since you can't trust the display, I don't suggest deleting anything until you have a chance to see on your computer. Also, the time you spend deleting something could potentially make you miss a great moment.

Caveat: Obviously if somebody asks you to delete their photo you must comply.

Photog Tip #3: Get a Bigger Memory Card

Are you deleting shots to make room on your memory card? That needs to stop! You can buy memory cards for cheap on the Intertwat. If your camera uses SD cards don't go buying the biggest card you can find. The biggest capacity card I'd buy is 4 to 8GB. Here's why: the bigger the card you purchase, the bigger the potential loss when (not if) the card goes bad one day.

Some photogs I know are so paranoid about this they they only use 1GB cards. It's wise in theory but do you really want to be switching cards all night? Find out what's the fastest speed card you camera will support so that you don't waste money on cards outside it's range. Getting a card one notch above is okay but don't pay for more because your camera won't take advantage of it.

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