Newmindspace Homecoming Rave

The girl you see in the photos on the indoor swing was a riot. She swung with such determination that at one point her back was nearly parallel to the ceiling. This stunt was pulled in near darkness, mind you.

This is usually the part where I give a summary about the event but I'm feeling really sick today. I think all the controlled substances they have me on is breaking down my immunity barrier or something. Allow me to be brief: I had fun, the party attracted a great crowed of people, firemen crashed the party for half-an hour (boo), somebody broke the in-door swing, pressing the blue button activates pretty blue lights.

I don't know if I'm allowed to publicize the next event so I'll direct you to the Newmindspace website where you can sign up for the mailing list. I'll be in attendance taking pictures, as I'm wont to do.

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