Gonzo's Romeo x Juliet Now on Hulu

I suspect they added Romeo x Juliet to Hulu thinking, "Just in time for Valentine's Day!" Yeah, okay, but the original Romeo and Juliet is far from romantic. The story's a real downer to be perfectly honest! Romeo and Juliet: the original BAD END.

I watched the first two episodes; Gonzo took some liberties with the source material. Not only is William Shakespeare a part of the story, so are characters from his other plays. Everyone now rides a Pegasus like it's not a big deal. Juliet is the last survivor of the house of Capulet after the Montagues killed them all for whatever reason. She's also a crime fighting tranny. Romeo's about the same.

There's enough here to keep me guessing as to how the story's going to end so I'm going to keep watching. I do enjoy romantic anime. My favorites will always be Onegai ☆ Teacher and Onegai ☆ Twins. That series was more adult and realistic than your typical harem show. I wish they made more. According to the Internet Yōsuke Kuroda wrote the original Onegai ☆ Teacher. Indeed, Mr. Yōsuke Kuroda has a very impressive resume. That page is already bookmarked.

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