Hulu Gets Mirage of Blaze

Yeah, I don't have much to say about this show. I've never even heard of it. Mirage of Blaze sounds like a spell from a Japanese RPG. But I'm gonna at least give this show a chance because Media Blasters operates right here in New York City. I'm easy like that.

Media Blasters have their own channel on Hulu. I recommend watching Girl's High and KITE: Liberator. I still haven't watched Ramen Fighter Miki but that was before I knew Media Blasters were the ones to license it. Just added the show to my queue.

I could probably relate to Ramen Fighter Miki given that's all I can afford to eat these days. One dollar nets me a pack of six ramen at Family Dollar. In the beginning I made these elaborate dishes with ramen noodles and whatever remaining foodstuffs I could find in the kitchen. But I don't bother anymore, I just eat it raw these days. Arsen thinks it's dangerous to eat it that way but I keep telling him the noodles are already cooked.

If I don't find a job soon...

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