Destiny of the Shrine Maiden - 2

This episode opens with Chikane pouring cold water over herself. She's still ruminating the kiss from the last episode. She can't get the thought out of her head. Neither can Himeko. We see her dreaming about it, unsure if it really happened or not. She awakes in Oogami's home with Chikane by her side. They are summoned by Oogami who informs them that they are Sorceresses. Chikane is the Sorceress of the Moon, and Himeko is Sorceress of the Sun. And Souma, he's a child of Orochi. The Orochis are responsible for are the sudden chaos. Meanwhile, Himeko tries to visits Mako in the hospital but their relationship isn't what it used to be. Later, a horny Orochi attacks the girls and Souma comes to help them fight it. Then more of that neat mecha action.

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden / Kannadzuki no Miko - 2

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