Destiny of the Shrine Maiden - 4

Souma asks Himeko out on a date. At first Himeko is uneasy because she believes the rumors around school that Chikane and Souma are an item. Chikane assures her that there is nothing between her and Souma. Chikane even prepares the girl for her date, pampering her every step of the way. There's a part where the girls look through Chikane's closet for a dress. Chikane asks Otawa to take Himeko's measurements. Otawa appears to really relish taking them. Actually so does Chikane–she watches with an unblinking stare. Poor Himeko is embarrassed to be without a shirt on. Modesty is so cute! Chikane gives Himeko one of her best dresses, this somehow upsets Otawa.

Why does Chicane help Himeko with her date? In her words, I'm happy as long as I can see your smiling face. Himeko is of course oblivious to Chikane's constant flirting. Or is she? I can't really tell with that girl.

Himeko goes on her date with Souma.

I just realized this reads less like an episode recap and more like a letter to Penthouse.

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden / Kannadzuki no Miko - 4

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