Destiny of the Shrine Maiden - 6

Mostly a flashback episode of how the girls met and how Chikane's been stalking Himeko ever since. Touching (myself), really.

The episode begins with the girls in the kitchen. They're making those Japanese lunch boxes. Poor Otowa is left out of the activities again. Do boys in Japan intentionally go to school without food in hopes that someone has a crush on them and will feed them? Anyway, Himeko has Chikane take a taste of sweet omelette from her fingertips. It's delicious., she says. Yeah, of course you say that! Anything is delicious when fed to you that way. And then what's awesome is how Himeko finishes the rest of the omelette that Chikane bit off. Indirect kiss! Chikane's mood is broken when Himeko realizes they made too much and asks to prepare one more box. Three guesses as to who it's for. I'm sure girlie cried herself to sleep that night.

So the next day at school, shy and naive as she is, Himeko has trouble approaching Souma for lunch. Chikane helps the two get together then makes an excuse to leave them alone even though Himeko suggests they have a threesome. Chikane then goes back to their secret place to have lunch by herself and I teared up because it was sad. And then she has the flashback. They really drive the point home that it was love at first site for her. They even share a moment where Himeko wipes mud off her cheek. The drama on this show is thicker than London fog!

After school, Himeko discusses her lunch date with Chikane–in her Olympic-sized bath. I kind of blacked out after this. When I awoke they were trying to revive Kenshin Ame no Murakumo again. And failed. Again. Later that night Chikane overhears Himeko canceling her dates with Souma. Her reason being she has obligations to help Chikane with the whole saving the world thing. The next morning Chikane wakes up Himeko and tells her she's going to help prepare for her date. Yeah, Chikane uncancelled it.

Himeko, do you know why I brought you to this house? ...Because I want to cheer you up. Because I want to see your smile. After hearing this Himeko tears up and Chikane wipes the tears away. So hot. She pampers the girl for her date and Himeko even lets her do her hair.

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden / Kannadzuki no Miko - 6

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