S.I.R. Listeners, Ahoy!

Today we advertised our website on Smodcast Internet Radio. To hear the ad go to the Plus One Per Diem page and download the episode for Friday, June 17, 2011. Yeah, we could totally extract the ad and copy it here but the show is worth listening to if you haven't. Go listen!

Okay, so our advertisement had nine bullet points in the form of questions. No doubt you're looking for the content we alluded to in the ad. Don't worry, we're not gonna make you look for it. Here they are, the nine questions–answered.

What does Japan think of Death Metal?
Drugs, violence and having sex at people without their permission.

Like cosplay, S&M, or zombies?
We got pictures of that.

Is your blogger looking stale?
Spruce it up!

A song mixed to a woman having an orgasm?
Whoa, really?

You like crazy vampire boobs?
So do we!

What's fashion designer Etienne Aigner's secret?
It isn't pretty...

Need an idea for your next ringtone?

Why does World of Warcraft suck?
So many reasons...

What does MY STADY mean?
Systery Molved!

So there you go. If you're new to MY STADY I hope you like it. We have plenty to offer with more on the way.

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