Harvey Birdman - Turner Classic Birdman

Opening Credits

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Plot Stuff

The beginning is really slow and the Reducto stuff wasn't so great. But as soon as Birdman breaks through that door is when it gets funny. Really good writing here. I enjoyed it. In fact this episode is funnier than the entire last season of Sealab'. (I really wish that weren't true.)

The comedy was mostly in the writing but there were still some great visual gags. A lot of it is unintentionally funny. I don't know what it was but old Hanna-Barbera action shows had numerous perspective problems. Whether it be distance or size a lot of times perspective is all fucked up. But kids never notice that shit, why should they? It's older cynical assholes like ME that notice!

The music was great too. They used a lot of lounge on that show. You can listen to it whenever Boomerang airs an old action show.

Favorite quote:

"No Tab, Diet Rite, no Tab."

Harvey Birdman - Turner Classic Birdman

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