Megas XLR - 25 - Rearview Mirror, Mirror - Part One

In the heat of battle Coop activates the Trans D Drive and it sends him and Gorrath to an alternate reality where New Jersey is a total dump. (SHUTUP!) That's all I can tell you. If you didn't catch it today you better tune in tomorrow because it's a two-parter.

Megas XLR Episode 25 (1 of 3)

Yeah, I haven't done cartoons in a while. You know what the difference is? I cap the cartoons live. And it's not only that. With anime I might end up with maybe 80 or so shots in my vidcaps directory. With cartoons that number easily balloons past 200. The difference is anime uses limited animation. Not a lot will happen in a shot unless it's an action scene, and even then the animation might still be limited. In a cartoon there is always something going on, especially the action shows. And they rarely reuse a shot. And they don't do those long panning shots either. It's like a comic book: you can't go back to the same shot. That's even when people are talking! In anime the same shots will get reused, especially when you have people talking.

Megas XLR - Diversion

Of course, because the animation is so limited, anime will often look better. Not always though. I'm pretty satisfied with majority of American TV animation nowadays. It's a lot better than how it was when we were growing up. And I don't mind the use of CG. I mean, and I'm guessing here, 80% of the shows we watch use CG. Whether it's for vehicles or for scaling/rotation, lighting, backgrounds, ink & paint, it's all cool with me. The product gets to us faster and looks cleaner. How can you not like that? Look at Ninja Turtles, the show looks GREAT! But pay attention to it next time you watch. HEAVY CG use. And it's better for it. I think when I was younger I didn't like how computers were 'taking over' but now I'm all for it. They're used as a tool after all. The computer can't do everything. That human touch will always be there.

Megas XLR Episode 25 (2 of 3)

What was I saying?

So yeah, doing cartoons was a little burden and that's why I was so lazy about it for a few months. But I intend to do more, especially for Ninja Turtles. That show has gotten so good! Have you seen Baxter lately? Holy shit!

Megas XLR Episode 25 (3 of 3)

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