Viewtiful Joe - 1

I haven't played the games so I won't be making to many comparisons. And before you hang me from a tree, the reason I haven't played it is because the last modern system I own is a Dreamcast. Yeah.

Hey, remember Last Action Hero? Well that's what happens here. Joe and his girlfriend Sylvia are watching a film when it comes alive and spills into real life. His girlfriend gets captured by the villains in the film while it's minions attack Joe. The hero of the film, Captain Blue, saves Joe and transfers his powers to him. Now, as a super hero, Joe is determined to rescue his girl.

Boss lady Sprocket was the highlight of this episode. I like how she always kept having to squeeze her tits back into her suit. Not sure if I'll keep watching though, I'm currently underwhelmed.

Viewtiful Joe "Just a Dude Named Joe"

Also available on Amazon: Viewtiful Joe, Vol. 1

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