Burst Angel - 15 (Part of Bikini Week!)

Burst Angel is a show I used to watch before I started anime blogging. I kind of lost interest in it though—it's a bit boring. So when pictures of this episode started circulating on 4chan's /a/ I almost kicked myself for abandoning it; I HAD to see this for myself! There was always fanservice and big boobies on this show but not like this! Two of the females clearly got a boob job. This episode is off-model as fuck and it's all for the sake of fanservice. I'm not sure how I feel about that. See for yourself.

So yeah, beach episode. The whole thing is pretty amazing. You know, in that, 'What the fuck am I watching' kind of way? It's like Eiken Club only the echieness is cut down to half. I still don't know what to make of this episode. I really don't think the implants were necessary (are they ever?) but I guess it makes for conversation. I don't think any other beach episode last year was able to top this in terms of shameless fanservice. If if this one's been topped BY ALL MEANS TELL ME.

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Burst Angel - 15 - Fanservice Reel

Best Costume: Jo may not have huge carnival tits like the other girls but she'll always be my favorite.

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