Day 1 With A Canon SD1000 ELPH

As usual, the rest here.

I got another camera. It's another Canon: the SD1000 ELPH. I got it to have something to take with me everywhere. As much as I love the a640 it's too big and bulky. And though I always have it with me I'm not always using it. The SD1000 is outrageously small. I've done the research and it gotten great reviews.

Funny enough it was right after I posted the Smack flyer that I decided to get one. So that night (I know, very impulsive), I went to Target and gots me one. And if my ex-coworkers from Best Buy are reading this I didn't buy it from you because it would have hurt your attach rate. See? I'm still loyal.

The SD1000 is very pocketable. And that's the point. The plan is to take this thing with me everywhere for seven days after which I'll decide whether to return it or keep it. The first day was Saturday.


Sunny Day

My day started late. I usually sleep in on Saturdays after a heavy work week. I went for a walk around the 'hood for something worth capturing.

Old Ride

I didn't see much..

I Guess This Wasn't An Emergency

Is this irony or stupidity?

After my walk I had a craving for Trash and Vaudeville. Though it's been a while since I saw anything I liked in there. It seems the really good vinyl clothes are on Christian Street. Figures, right? I hopped on the subway but it took me a while to get there. I fucking hate weekend construction. I got to T and V mad late but I didn't see anything I liked. At that point it was getting dark.

I stopped by Tasty Falafel a place Damiana introduced me to. I usually eat there when I'm at St. Mark's Place. I wasn't happy with my order though. I ordered a falafel, which apparently doesn't have any meat in it! I later realized that I meant to order a shawarma. I had that last time but forgot what it was called. Completely my fault.

Hmmm, haven't taken any photos in a while. At this point my choices were either to photograph some sk8ter kids at Union Square or hit up the clubs. I remembered Glamdammit was tonight so that's where I went.

It sucked! First of all I was expecting a club. If you've been to the Knitting Factory it was like that only much much smaller. Well, I guess a lot of places are that way. There was a dance area with a stage at the end and nobody was dancing or anything. I waited until 11:30 for people to lose their shit and start dancing but all they did was talk and excuse themselves every five minutes to smoke or pretend to take important phone calls. I spoke to some people but they seemed to really want to impress me with their day jobs. I had to go. I said goodbye and walked three blocks to Webster Hall.


There's always old people at the club. Always, always, always. I took this photo in the dark and when I saw the preview photo I couldn't stop laughing. It's okay because it was dark and loud and I don't think anybody was paying attention to me. This was the 80s room.


Ha ha! There she is again in the hip-hop room! I didn't even notice until I was viewing these on the PC. I took this photo by holding the camera over my head. The hip-hop room is always filled to near maximum capacity and hot. Don't they have fucking air conditioning down there? I'm never in here because I haven't listened to the radio in a very long time.


A nicer photo. Remember, I'm also here to test out this camera's capabilities.

Go-Go Dancer @ Webster Hall

My home is the electronica room—or whatever you want to call it. The fog makes far away pictures impossible. But this is not a limitation of the camera. I wasn't expecting much here but I did manage to get a few decent shots.

Go-Go Dancer @ Webster Hall

Oh wow!

Go-Go Dancer @ Webster Hall

This one's nice. It's very expressive. I mean, it's a still photo but there's a lot of life in it.

Go-Go Dancer @ Webster Hall


Go-Go Dancer @ Webster Hall

She has a face!

I cut out of Webster Hall an hour early. I don't like that place so much. It's just the atmosphere. The desperation is so thick! It's like, people seem to be more interested in impressing each other than getting along and having a good time. And also getting laid. Yeah, this might be the last time I go there. Not a big fan.


119 Bar is at East 15th Street & Union Square. Walk down the alley where the Starbucks is; you can't miss it. I went there to order a water to help wash down a kebab. Protip: The water here is FREE. Remember that the next time you're dying of thirst and being cheap. I didn't stay long. I never like the music in here. Sounds like the stuff they played on WHTZ100 in the 90s. I stayed for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" but split when I recognized the opening to "Losing My Religion".

The train ride home was long but I didn't sleep. See, this late at night sleeping on the train is almost giving someone permission to rape you. I say almost because by very definition RAPE RAPE means without consent. And yeah, I guess getting robbed is a concern too but I rather be pillaged than raped. (Haha, imagine I said "pillaged then raped"? Oh, grammar.)

On my way home I saw that and snickered. I mean, if it's hidden why put up a sign? I'm too easily amused..

I have video of the go-go dancer I'll be putting up later in the week.

Update: This entry was originally posted to my MySpace account. I was quite the little shit, eh? So that explains the myspace link. The link is because I used to host some video there. But I'm looking to consolidate and migrate some things so you can go ahead and ignore that stuff. I'm pretty sure I'll be operating from MY STADY for the rest of my days. I could have easily changed the title cards but I chose not to. This way it stays frozen in time. Also I'm lazy.

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