NYAF 2008 Batch 1 and Death Note at Kinokuniya Bookstore

Hello folks. We have something special for ya today and its not a pony or an electric guitar. We have the first batch of NYAF 2008 photos!! Some of you will notice that your pictures are not there that is because not all of them have been edited yet so sit tight more is definitely on the way! We're working as hard as anyone can work alongside our regular everyday c-r-a-p. Here is a sneak preview thumb and a link to that first batch of pictures! Aren't those 2 cute?!?! Amazing! Also my good ole friends I am sure some of you have been waiting for the Death Note event pictures! Well without further delay here is a sneak preview and a link! Here you have it folks. Soon we'll add more and you'll have a lot more fap-fap-fap material! Enjoy! All the pictures are credited to Alain-Christian, he is amazing! /bow to Alain =D Your faithful coat-rack Arsen signing off.

Here is the link to full gallery for Alpha Batch: http://flickr.com/photos/aseraphin/tags/2008/

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