Explosive Impact!

Changes are coming; don't lose hope! I don't want to go into detail or start over promising but there are some changes planned for MY STADY. The layout is being worked on at the moment and if you're read this from the blog you already knew that. The layout of the blog is a crucial part of MY STADY because that's your bridge to me. I want to be more accessible and you'll see what I mean by that very soon.

Those of you waiting for photos I'm sorry for the TREMENDOUS delay with that. I haven't forgotten you and I will be posting them eventually. What I can promise is that in the future photos will be posted IMMEDIATELY. How is that possible? Well I've been using Amazon S3 to host some of the videos I've posted and so far it's worked out great. Amazon S3 offers VERY affordable hosting what I plan do to in the future is host the photos on S3 48 hours after the event. Nothing fancy, I'm just going to resize copies to 1024 pixels—height or width—and put them on a zip file. That way you don't have to wait for me to post them online. The photos will not be hosted forever, but they won't be deleted before I post them to flickr. We might rethink that system but making them available within 48 hours is super easy and I wish I thought that sooner.

I can't post the photos full size because I typically take about 500-1000 photos per event and that amounts to GIGABYTES. Full sized photos are posted to the flickr page.

In case you were wondering Arsen and I WILL NEVER post banner ads on our site. I'm telling you this as somebody who was recently laid off—hurr where's my golden parachute hurrr. Blogger is free and S3 is cheap; we got it covered.

Those of you still checking daily should really subscribe to the RSS feed; let the updates come to you. If you have an iPod or a portable media player you get the added benefit of video downloads.

So yeah, stuff is happening.

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