Now Everybody Can Add Annoying Annotations To YouTube Videos!

YouTube recently announced the addition of collaborative annotations. Annotations are those things people put in their videos asking you to subscribe. I'll never understand why people sweat subscriptions so much—it's like @p begging on IRC. If your video is good it will be favorited and if you post good content on a regular basis people will come back. Stop asking me to subscribe. If I was never going to subscribe then an annoying bubble telling me to isn't going to change my mind. Its not like I don't know to subscribe. It's the yellow button in the corner, I see it. Back up off me! The only time I wasn't annoyed by an annotation was when someone used the speech bubble to portray a cat's thoughts—see below.

To collaborate on annotations one has to be sent a special link from the video uploader. There's no way to automatically display that link to viewers, unfortunately. I have my flickr page set up so that any user can add notes or tags but with YouTube I guess I'll have to post a link in the descriptions.

What are collaborative annotations good for? I don't know, you tell me. Follow this link to compose annotations for the video below. This will either turn out very funny or very mean. Either way it should be interesting. Or not...

Oh Exploitable!

(Yes, fanboy, I am aware that Nico Nico Douga had video annotations since forever.)

YouTube Blog - Introducing Collaborative Annotations
Nico Nico Douga
Cat solves printer-problem(with subtitle)

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