Charetta Plays Crash Mansion

Angelina of Charetta @ Crash Mansion for Gotham Rocks
Some paint with watercolors, I paint with light.

This was my fifth time shooting for Charetta. I studied my shots from past events to prepare. It was actually my first time doing so for any shoot and it really helped. I might also study video of their performances for future shoots.

Adonis of Charetta @ Crash Mansion for Gotham Rocks
Adonis beating the drums like they owe him money!

When I started shooting bands I realized early on that with the drummer all the way in the back it's not going to be easy to get decent shot of 'im. I don't only shoot for myself, I'm here for the performers. They should all be represented in the photos. To get those drummer shots I must move closer; I don't use zoom lenses. If it means getting up on stage I always ask permission first. If I don't ask permission it means I risk throwing off the performers because they weren't expecting it.

When I'm up there I do what I can to avoid calling attention to myself. I'm not the only photographer there; I'd hate to get in the way of the photographers taking shots from offstage. I also don't want to be a distraction to the people who came out to support the band. I stay up there for two songs at most and hide behind speakers and stage stuff if possible. I also try to avoid standing directly in front of the drum stand. Wearing black also helps.

Adonis, Pablo, Richard, Angelina of Charetta @ Crash Mansion for Gotham Rocks

More photos on the way, many bands were in attendance that night!

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