Batch Downloading Flickr Photos on Mac OS X

screenshot: Photo Grabbr
For this task I highly recommend Photo Grabbr by Malarkey Software. Photo Grabbr relieves you from the chore of downloading Flickr photos individually. Flickr photos are batch downloaded, saving you a tremendous amount of time.


It isn't necessary to link Photo Grabbr to your Flickr account. That feature is for downloading photos available only to Flickr users. Photos I've flagged on my account for partial nudity are the type that fall under that umbrella. For the best quality set Grabbr to download my photos at original size. With a few exceptions the original shots (no resizing, watermarks, etc) are only what I upload to Flickr.


Sorry Windows users, Photo Grabbr is a Mac OS X exclusive. If I find something for Windows (that I like) I'll let you know.

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