Galaxy Express 999 Joins Hulu Lineup

Hulu just added a page for Galaxy Express 999. I don't really expect you to sit here and watch the whole thing from your browser but it didn't feel right to not include it.

Or not. I don't enjoy watching long-form programming sitting at my desk anymore. After ditching cable last year the next logical step was to connect my laptop to my TV and that's how it's been ever since. Now I can watch programming from the comfort of my bed! Feels good man.

I guess what I'm expecting is for you to follow the Galaxy Express 999 link, add the show to your subscriptions and watch from the comfort of YOUR bed (or couch, or loveseat, or your aunt's laminated sofa, rocking chair, ottoman, lazyboy, beanbag seat, yoga mat), with Hulu Desktop.

Is anybody still reading this? Well anyway, I'll be posting these alerts more often. Other than pirating (some people call it fansubbing), or purchasing at anime conventions, Hulu is where I get my anime. I'm always checking the Recently Added Shows for anime and thought I'd start relaying what I find as a small service. Who knows, maybe this will lead to less pirates.

Don't knock it till you try it, man. I know I could totally download a pirate version of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in 720p and poorly subtitled (some people call it fansubbing), but I'm not even tempted to do that. FMA: Brotherhood on Hulu looks good enough, especially when I watch it from a distance at 1Mbps and upscaled to 1080p. I don't even mind that I'm getting it a week later, what the rush? If you haven't already, just try it. All you have to do is press play, no downloading or setting up uTorrent or anything. And I like the idea that Funimation gets a cut of the advertising revenue from Hulu. Or at least I assume that's what happens. I HOPE that's what happens!

None of this applies to YouTube's anime offerings. YouTube's compression is a tremendous fail, all the anime looks like a blurry Nintendo 64 diarrhea disaster. Compare Hulu's stream of FMA: Brotherhood to YouTube's version and you'll see what I'm talking about. Or don't, just trust me and stay away from Youtube. I intentionally didn't link those two versions and I have faith that you're too lazy to do it yourself. Nobody deserves to watch anime the way YouTube presents it. Heartbreaking, man.

So here's that thing I was telling you about:

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