Fanservice Friday AMV: Grenadier Vs. Equilibrium

We're doing things a little different this week. Instead of a clip you got a brand new AMV to watch! This concept came to me when I noticed how similar a gunfight in Grenadier was to a gunfight in Equilibrium. Yeah, if you haven't watched Equilibrium this AMV contains spoilers. This won't spoil much if you've never seen Grenadier. At first I was just going to make a straight comparison of the two scenes but I thought that wasn't interesting enough so I added music and turned it into an AMV project.

Grenadier Vs. Equilibrium

Screenshot: AMV Grenadier Vs. Equilibrium


Here's what Arsen had to say after watching it:

I saw it and I personally thought it wasn't as synced as I'd liked it to be... like there are frames that delay transition between movie and anime and make it very difficult to "link" the two katas. You should make it more flowing so that it shows the katas in motion from anime to movie and back... also use more than 1 scene from each =P no one makes an AMV from 1 scene from each movie/anime... aside from that the catch on the kata play is awesome

In my defense, the anime doesn't copy Equilibrium exactly. The scene is more of an homage. Well, at least it appears to be. It's never been confirmed if this was intentional. It'd match up better if they directly copied Equilibrium but that's not the case. And this is the only scene that plays out like a gunfight from Equilibrium so it's not like I had much to work with.

I was going to going to address some of Arsen's points and edit the AMV some more but I wanted to move on to something else so I just left it as-is.


Anime Footage – Grenadier: Complete Colleciton LiteBox
Live Action Footage – Equilibrium
Music – "Matzcore" by goreshit

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