Megaman X8

I likes it! I'm playing it in normal mode but I'm totally going to go through it again on hard mode. I was worried about the 3D gay because of the boring Neo series but this game is easy to get into. Lots and lots of fun. I'm still not jazzed about the 3D gay and think the 2D graphics were better.

Well, no, in the beginning they were great. But then they clearly ran into the PSX's limitations and the latter game's visuals got really repetative. REALLY repetative. Let's not even discuss the fiasco that was X6. (Wow, one stock enemy per stage and a few of those upgraded Mets if you're lucky. Thanks.) Yeah, now that I think about it the last few games looked shitty. But X1 through X5 progressed very well. Storywise I enjoyed X5 the most. X1 and X2 were also pretty excellent story wise. I was really touched the first time I found a Dr. Light Capsule.

Okay, X8 looks great when it comes to backgrounds and stuff but the look of the regular cast in 3D kinda sucks. At least to me it does. They even look crap in the FMV.

But that's me. The GAMEPLAY is oldschool 2D (except for a few chase sequences) and the next game should be entirely 2D.

I haven't beat it yet and there isn't much of a story so far but we'll see how it goes.

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