Cybertron Vs Stimulate — #NYAF #NYCC Afterparty

A giant thank you to one Mr. Xris Smack. Dude really came through for me. Usually when I hit the Gramercy Theatre I shoot unencumbered. But that night I was totally cumbered by the bouncers. They asked to see my press pass and I didn't have one. I didn't know I'd need one! Xris hooked me up with the pass and if it wasn't for him there'd be no evidence of that fateful night. Applaud at your monitors for Mr. SMack. Do it!

This event was the official New York Anime Comicon Festival afterparty. To me that meant cosplay at the club. I wasn't going to miss it for anything. The place was super packed. Fictional characters jumping around in a nightclub, who doesn't love that? When it's Cybertron Vs Stimulate, everybody wins!

  • Cybertron is a monthly NYC dance party brought to us by VampireFreaks and Audiolust
  • Stimulate is also a monthly NYC dance party brought to us by Mindswerve Studios and studio founder, Xris SMack

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