Skinotronic 1.7 (Now With Retina Support!)

Screenshot of Growl's display preferences pane.

Here it is, a new version of Skinotronic. This version supports more resolutions aaaaand positioning the dock on the side. To make this work I had to split Skinotronic into two version: S and B.

Use Skinotronic S for when the dock is positioned on the side and Skinotronic B for when it's on the bottom. Easy to remember, right? I'd rather keep it to one file but that's impossible because of reasons. The details are boring; don't worry about it.

Special Dedication

Par Wannman, this one's for you, brother. This guy hit me up on twitter exactly a year ago and he's been hara—*cough* gently reminding me to release an update ever since.

Kind of a crazy coincidence that it took me exactly a year to get this done but never underestimate the power of sloth. Anyway, sorry you had to wait so long. Please enjoy it!

Download: Skinotronic 1.7 Display Style for Growl

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