Dirty Pair Flash 「AMV」 "Gold Dust"

Yes, the max resolution is 480p! The source is ancient. Upscaling would actually LOWER the quality. I know you're probably used to AMVs with more beatmatching. While there is some beat matching, that wasn't my goal. I wanted to make an AMV that looked like a REAL music video. Real music videos don't actually beat match that often. I wanted the visuals to match with the MOOD of the music and to tell a story. In some aspects I succeeded; in others, I failed.

The concept for this video was originally a montage of kickass anime chicks working out and training and getting stronger. But the different shows didn't really work together so I narrowed it down to a single episode of a single show.

Please enjoy it and leave honest feedback. This is my second AMV.

If there's demand for it I'll upload the original file. YouTube video quality isn't the best.

DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Prime Remix)
Sadly it seems Prime (@primitivedubstep on social media), doesn't make music anymore. All their social media links are either dead or haven't been updated in forever.

Dirty Pair Flash - Episode 14 - "The Winners in Summer Colors"

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