About Me

Hi! My name is Alain-Christian. I’ve been using the Internet for an embarrassingly long time. We’re talking pre-2000s here. We’re talking Internet 1.0 days. Back when the Internet was so small we called it The Web and we surfed it! Do you remember AOL? I had an AOL homepage!

I’ve had websites on the Internet for over twenty years! I enjoy writing about my interests for the online community. Through the years I’ve blogged about technology, video games, photography anime and even my daily life. I know it’s cliche but you never know what I’m going to talk about next. Neither do I for that matter! My focus is constantly shifting.


Ah, so THAT’S where the name comes from.

MY STADY is Engrish for MY STUDY. I got the idea for the name by watching this obscure cartoon show from Japan called Dragon Ball Z. Maybe you’ve heard of it? One of the characters, Gohan, has a very overbearing mother. She’s always harping on him to study and get good grades. She’s very aggressive about it. She's always buying Gohan study materials and getting him tutors and stuff... (The tutor may have been filler material; I never read the manga.)

So she bought him a sleep-learning bed. The box it came was marked MY STADY. For some inexplicable reason that moment has forever stuck with me. That big dumb box with the words “MY STADY” in all caps. I don’t know what it was but I never forgot it. It’s not the best name for a website. It’s certainly not great for SEO since Google corrects it as a misspelling of MY STUDY every time you search! But that’s fine. Perhaps it’s for the best that people not discover this site. I mean other people besides you. You’re great!

The main purpose of MY STADY is to share my knowledge and information. It’s an odd name but I think it ultimately fits. Hey man, it’s better than naming it GOOP. Although everybody remembers the name GOOP so who’s the real joke on?

This is your standard E/N site. If you don’t know what that means then I’m REALLY dating myself.

About You

I think many of you who come here have likely already met me in real life. I’ve probably taken your photo at an anime convention. Great job on the cosplay! No wait, that wasn’t it. I bet it was at a night club, right? You were killing it on the dance floor! You should see the pictures I took, they turned out great. Or maybe you’re just a rando who came here from Google.

No matter the reason, thank you for visiting! I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Yep, that’s me! You might be wondering how I got here…