What does MY STADY mean?

MY STADY is Engrish for MY STUDY. It's both ironic and sad. I got the idea for the name by watching this obscure cartoon show from Japan called Dragon Ball Z. The Gohan character's mother–Chi-Chi–is always harping on him to study. Chi-Chi doesn't want her son to grow up to be an uneducated bumpkin like his father, Goku. So she's always buying Gohan study materials and getting him tutors and stuff... The tutor may have been filler material; I never read the manga.

Anyway, in episode 123 of Dragon Ball Z there's a brief shot of MY STADY written on a box in Gohan's room near his bed. Gohan's sleeps in a bed that's supposed to aid in sleep-leaning and it's been speculated by fans that the bed came from the MY STADY box. I distinctly remember Chi-Chi carrying the box to Gohan's room but in my research I couldn't find the shot. Maybe I saw her carry it in one of the movies. The clip below shows the box but not as I remember it. Oh, sorry about the quality. All I could find was this fandub with changed music.

Origin of MY STADY

MY STADY is all about sharing knowledge and spreading information so I think the name suits us.


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